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Another year has flown by, on unseen wings of time, flying on the fast and ruthless winds of change.

We, at Bahria Town were so occupied with so much to do, that as a team we even failed to notice the change in year! After all, 2018 was the year of Bahria Town Karachi.

Despite all challenges associated with the development work of this immense magnitude, Team Bahria Town has not only ensured before-time delivery of projects but has also focused on infrastructure development, building huge roads surpassing even the most amazing arteries all over the world, alongside facilities and amenities that are going to redefine lifestyle needs in a fully secured environment.

Having delivered on our promise, and seeing the joy on the faces of thousands of families who are residing in Bahria Town Karachi fills my heart with gratitude. I cannot believe that this mammoth project that we started in 2014, is a living and breathing reality, today.

I am indebted to Team Bahria Town for their perseverance and professionalism. It’s their effort, their commitment, their passion that has transformed Bahria Town, Asia’s largest private real estate development group, into a phenomenon setting new paradigms of excellence in other areas including leisure and entertainment, healthcare, education, commercial & retail, hospitality, and non-profit social activities.

‘Clean Karachi’ was a humongous task but Team Bahria Town stood up to the challenge and completed the task within the given timeframe, utilizing all its financial, human, mechanical and technological resources to resurrect the city of lights from the rubble it got buried in for decades. Bahria Dastarkhwan is expanding its network as always, feeding the poor and hungry by rising above religious, ethnic and cultural bounds. Rescue and relief services are always ahead of others to serve humanity.

Following a fulfilling 2018, we look forward to 2019 as another great year of achievement and service, as Bahria Town stays committed to building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the chief executive officer of the famous Bahria town and the son of famous real estate developer and one of the richest people in Pakistan, Malik Riaz Hussain.