Ali Riaz MalikMALIKRIAZ HUSSAIN Chaireman of Bahria Interntaional Hospital

Ali Riaz Malik son of Malik Riaz Hussain

We all knew that Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a famous personality in Bahria town. He is the most famous entrepreneur in Pakistan country. Also, he is the CEO of the famous Bahria town and firmly comes as one of the most significant of Asia’s real estate projects. Of course, he is the son of prominent real estate developer and pioneer Malik Riaz Hussain. Now, he is currently the 7th richest Pakistani in the country. Ali Riaz Malik has income that is has a net worth in real estate development. He is 40 years age and born in 1978. Ahmed Ali Riaz was born in Rawalpindi, and he is passionate about doing real estate business from childhood. He is an inspiration to the youngster and become the top-notch businessman now in Pakistan country. His hobby is watching high buildings and skyscrapers of Dubai. He started dreaming of becoming a real estate developer from his childhood.

Education and Early life of Ali Riaz Malik

Now, Ahmed Ali Riaz is the most pioneer in the real estate business. His schooling starts from the Beacon house school in 1999, close to his residence. After education, he joined his father’s business and started his business. It tool further approaches to reach the most prominent heights in the process. It must be noticed that Bahria town comes as the best one and find the real estate developers in the country. Both Malik and his father work hard and become the topmost position in the real estate business. He is the biggest and best real estate developer in the country. He worked from an earlier age and knew how to handle the projects and clients for his business. Ahmed Ali Riaz earned respect from the clients due to its politeness and humbleness. Initially, he becomes the procurement manager in the sales and marketing department.

Personal life of Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz becomes the CEO of Bahria Town Ltd due to his excellence and hard work. His father supported him in learning how to work hard and become successful. He handles many projects under the Bahria town and creates trust among people. It was due to his sheer hard work and passion. His dream finally fulfills in the year 2007 and become the CEO now. Due to his professionalism, he earned a good reputation in the business world. He took Bahria town to bigger horizons depends on the USD$ I billion company. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik serves daily foods to over 150000 underprivileged people around the world.

Project Development and Role Model:

It gives him confidence and become the most respectable person in the country. He played a significant role in most of the projects in Bahria Town. In recent times, his dream come true based on Pakistan’s first-ever Island city. It gained more respect, and mutual agreement confirmed the equal contribution by parties. It has overall development and construction of the bundle with the Bodha Islands in Karachi city.

He is taking the biggest list of project that is easily handled by him in the name of Bahria Town. His plans are so familiar because of its beautiful design concepts. It brings up some development for him in the same year. He undertook many projects under the name of Bahria town under his management. It plays a vital role for him to become a successful businessman in Pakistan Country. This has been a landmark achievement in the history of Pakistan and working hard till be become, world-class businessman. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik Riaz is very inspiring, and we should learn about his success and passion for his dream.

Ali Riaz MalikMALIKRIAZ HUSSAIN Chaireman of Bahria Interntaional Hospital