Bahria Town International Hospital Rawalpindi Stay Charges (COVID-19 Patients)

 Cubical Private Room Executive Room ICU
Stay Charges 18,400 24,000 37,950 24,000
Oxygen Charges 24 hrs 5,000  5,000  5,000  5,000
Ventilator Charges 22,800 22,800 22,800 22,800
Total 46,200 51,800 65,750 51,800

Admission Fees Rs. 3,000/-

Food Charges Rs. 1,500/- per day
Note: In case of any complaint to above quoted rates when these are being charged differently please contact PHC-HELP line @ 0800-00-742
From 10AM to 4PM

Note: These charges does not include any type of Lab & Radiology Investigation. Food Charges and any other services which is not included in these charges e.g. Consultant visit, Echo, ECG, BSR, Oxygen or any other procedure.