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Team Members

Dr. Syed Zahid Bukhari

MBBS, MCPS, M.Phil. PhD (Microbiology), PhD (Infectious Diseases)
Consultant Microbiologist & Infection Control
Head of Infection Prevention & Control Department

Overview of Infection Prevention & Control Program

Infection Prevention & control department, Bahria International Hospitals Lahore provide infection control services to our internal and external customers based on the recent scientific knowledge. Our Infection control program and annual plan are prepared on updated guidelines of international agencies e.g. Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). Infection control process is monitored by the local accreditation body; Punjab healthcare commission (PHC). National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) protocol for healthcare associated infection is successfully followed. Quality improvement (QI) projects are prepared based on infection control risk assessment using Joint Commission International (JCI) template. Institute for healthcare improvement (IHI) patient care bundles are implemented in intensive care units. The Exposure Prevention Information Network (EPINet) outlines are our trademark in management of accidental needle stick injuries and other sharps.
Hospital is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for fellowship training. The infection control team plays a major role in organ transplant surgeries for adults and pediatrics (liver & kidney transplants) by following the Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority (PHOTA) standards. We are providing continuous medical education to our staff and participating in teaching postgraduate medical trainees and under/post graduate nursing in Bahria Town school of Nursing. Antibiotic guideline is prepared and evaluated annually based on analysis of our own hospital microbiology isolates and their susceptibility trends.
Infection Prevention & Control committee is chaired by Dr. Shazia Asim, vice President Bahria International Hospitals and provides exemplary support to Infection control.


Our main goals are;
1) to reduce healthcare associated infection rate and
2) to protect patients and healthcare workers (HCW) health and safety.


To support the mission of the hospital by providing excellent infection prevention & control services within available resources.


To become national leader in infection prevention & control.

Values: SMILE
S: Safety
M: Motivation
I: Integration
L: Leadership
E: Empowerment




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