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Emergency Department

We have a state of the art Emergency Department headed by an Emergency Consultant and a team of well trained doctors and nurses, providing emergency care 24/7, in a facility of international standard.

  • A dedicated TRIAGE Room where we have introduced a Manchester TRIAGE System to classify patients according to the seriousness of illness and injury and patients are seen according to their seriousness.

  • Resuscitation Room, we have a state of art well-equipped independent resuscitation room. Where all types of acutely sick (cardiac arrest, Peri arrest and Poly Trauma) patients are managed in complete isolation.

  • Major & Minor areas, a spacious well-equipped area for dealing all type of emergencies.

  • Isolation Area for suspected cases of infectious diseases.

  • Observation Area for observation of Patients waiting for Lab Tests and final Decision.

  • We also provide 24/7 Ambulance Services for transfer of Bahria Town’s patients from their house to the hospital. We also transfer critically sick patient from the hospital to other tertiary care setups if needed.

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Our aim is to provide the best available expertise and resources to the care and treatment of our patient providing you a number of treatments and surgeries.