Bahria Town Hospital Lahore provides free treatments for 40 children suffering hearing impairment

Bahria Town Hospital Lahore has started the free operations for 40 children suffering from hearing impairment. Director Donations Program Bahria Town; Mrs. Amber Shehzad Malik has specially called upon England’s renowned surgeon for “Clears Implant”; Doctor IqbalJaved Khan, who will work with Bahria Town Hospital’s renowned Audiologist; Doctor NadeemMukhtar to operate on 6 to 8 children every day.

These operations will continue till 4thApril. This program will facilitate 40 children suffering from hearing impairment by providing them free treatments. 3 to 6 months after the operations these children will start their new lives in which they will be able to hear and recognize sounds. The cost of each operation is about 17 to 18 thousand Dollars each, which Bahria Town will bear.

A Speech/hearing impairment centre being developed in Bahria Town Lahore

Director Donations Program Bahria Town; Mrs. Amber ShehzadMalik informed that a centre is also being built in Bahria Town Lahore, where children suffering fromspeech/hearing impairment will be treated completely free of cost, irrespective of the number of children. Each day,children will be provided free treatments by Bahria Town along with speech therapy and post-operation care.

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